Why We Offer A Pre-Retainer Consultation.

We know you want to feel confident in the expert you retain and hire on your case.

A short introductory phone call is normally sufficient to satisfy even the most experienced trail attorney that Bart Baggett is articulate, competent, and rock-solid on the stand. However, we realize that a majority of our cases don't end up in front of a jury trial, however, we treat every case with the professionalism and preparation as if your case will be that one in ten that does go to trial. 

At every phase of your case, you still need someone experienced, honest, and has the expert eye to see the facts and present in a way that you and your attorney can make an educated decision on the best strategy.  If that decision includes a testimony or a written report, we are there for you.

1. Mr. Baggett's time is valuable and meeting new clients will always be an important part of his schedule. For most clients (including attorneys), a brief conversation with his highly trained and experienced office staff will answer all your questions. If you want to meet Mr. Baggett via phone before you make the decision to submit retainer payment and your documents, that is acceptable and easy to arrange.

Please call or email your questions right away. Mr. Baggett still answers his own phone and you might just get him on the first call.  

2. Because forming an “official opinion" is both time-consuming and legally binding, Mr. Baggett's policy is to not visually review any documents and will never express and PREMILINARY opinion with just a glance as your documents.  Please do not email your documents as part of the Pre-Retainer Consultation and expect to get a free preliminary opinion.  It doesn't work that way. Only email your documents after you have retained Mr. Baggett or you are concerned your documents are not high quality enough to even start the case.  

We know this is not your primary business and you have questions.  Our staff is here for you.  You can discuss details relating to your case and discuss any unusual circumstances which might be important to disclose.  Call our case manager today.  We are here to guide you to make the best decision possible about how to move forward.

3. Mr. Baggett has invested years of training in order to have his team answer your questions and work with clients while he is “in court" or " on assignment". Call our office and trust you are in good hands when you are speaking directly to him or to his office staff.

Call our office directly today.  Bart has offices across the USA.  His first office and headquarters is in the Los Angeles area.  

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