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“When you need a professional handwriting expert of the highest standards, hire Bart Baggett. He is honest, quick, direct… and will deliver an objective expert opinion, every time. I recommend him without hesitation."

~ Richard J. Riordan, 39th Mayor of Los Angeles

Bart Baggett, America's #1 Handwriting Analyst. Court Qualified Forensic handwriting analysis expert. Experienced.

President of The International School of Forensic Document Examination and author of 5 books related to handwriting analysis.

Document Examination is a complicated and skilled profession which takes years of training. Our handwriting lab is qualifed to help you solve your case.

Dear Friend,

If you are an attorney or an individual that requires a court qualified handwriting expert, contact us today. If you have pending litigation that involves handwriting, signatures, or a possible forgery, you should call our office right away.

Mr. Baggett is part of a network of highly trained handwriting experts nationwide that have testified in all 50 states. In fact, if you speak to our clients (attorneys and individuals), they will tell you that our testimony and professional written declarations have led to settlements, jury decisions, and even appellate decisions in their client's favor.

The fact is… hiring the right forensic handwriting expert can help you win your case and is one of the most important decisions you will make. Talk to us first, so we can give you professional guidance. This is our expertise and has been for the past 25 years. We will guide you on every aspect of your case.  While a majority of cases do not end up in front of a judge and jury, every letter we write is intended to position your case in the best possible light, while keeping the facts authentic and the opinions unbiased.  If you need an expert to testify to the truth of the facts, Bart Baggett is your expert witness.

While we can never promise our “official opinion” will be the exact opinion that supports your legal position… you can guarantee the professionalism, the experience, and the in-depth knowledge… so you know what the evidence reveals. You need to know what can be proven in court and what is simply speculation.

In many cases, hiring a courtroom tested “expert witness” can help your case.… even if the official opinion itself does not support your position. The expertise and status of retaining a highly respected and well-known expert has it's advantages as the trial date moves closer. You can retain Mr. Baggett as an expert witness or consultant on your case. Designation and disclosure are optional.

And quite frankly, why not hire the one “handwriting expert” that has been on more TV & radio shows than all other handwriting experts combined? Mr. Baggett is CNN's handwriting expert… he should be yours, too. And, it doesn’t cost any more to hire the best.

His rate sheet is competitive with industry professionals from East to the West Coast. He has been hired by attorneys in civil cases, criminal cases, from small claims court to the Federal level. 
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If your case involves any of the following issues, call our office right away for a short initial consultation.

checkmarkHandwriting Experts neeed to spot forgeries.
checkmarkwills and testaments
checkmarkcontract dispute
ink and paper testing
checkmarkpaper analysis
checkmarkforged checks where a handwriting expert is required.
checkmarkpoisoned pen letters
checkmarkthreatening notes
checkmarkquestioned handwriting on a wall
checkmarkconfession letters

checkmarksuicide notes
checkmarktheft of property
checkmarkdisguised writing
checkmarkprenuptial agreements
checkmark attorney consulting
courtroom exhibits
college handwritten exams
checkmarkdeposition reviews
and much more.

In a nutshell, if you have a document where the authenticity is in question… you must hire a court qualified handwriting expert to help you.

Speak to me or my assistant about your case, right away. The initial consultation is free.

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Baggett Helps Client Recover $6,600

“Bart, Your testimony and support during this lawsuit by my x-girlfriend has been nothing short of amazing. The judge awarded me full amount of the $6,600 and finally I can sleep at night."

~ Mike Juaraz,
East Los Angeles

When you call the office of the internationally acclaimed forensic handwriting analysis expert, Bart Baggett, you will be greeted with a professional, trained handwriting analysis expert that can answer your questions about your particular case.  (If my staff cannot answer your questions before you hire me, I’ll schedule an appointment and get back to you within 24 hours.)

If you decide to hire me or one of my team of “court qualified handwriting analysis experts”, your case will receive priority attention. In most cases, and get you a verbal opinion within just a few days.  And, you can even ask for a “rush” case and get an opinion in less than a day.  (Yes, there is an additional fee for Rush cases, naturally)

In most cases, the process takes 3 steps.

1. The case set up and Lab Work.

2.  The Verbal Opinion. (Via phone.)

3.  The Written Letter.  If you want the “official opinion” in writing, we simple issue an official letter opinion on our letterhead or in a “legal declaration” format. 

Our clients have utilized that “letter of opinion” along with my stellar curriculum vitae to move their case along to settlement, arbitration, court testimony or dismissal. 

For most cases, you can scan and email your documents via PDF files or Fed-X your originals to our office.   In today’s world of computers, Fed-X, cheap air fare, and the Internet… there is no good reason to hire a “less qualified” handwriting analysis expert who lives across town, when you can hire the country’s most recognized handwriting analysis expert for the about the same price.

Plus, with the “Special Offer”… we are discounting our Court Appearance Fees by 50{0ef0290936df589158dba60c8db6a9fb0096f2fe81f91f10bfe4a01a772a5e47} to any client who needs a court appearance which is out-of-state.  This will more than offset any small travel fees that only will apply if I have to travel to court or an on-site examination.  We want you to find all the reasons to hire our office.

Tell us how we can work with you to support your documents involved in your legal case.  You can speak for free to our team right now and find out if your case is worth pursuing.

Here’s our promise:  You’ll get the most professional, objective and honest assessment of your documents available in the USA.

Call our office today before you send any documents and we’ll tell you how quickly we can turn your case around, what any fees would be, to the penny, and any estimated travel fees if we have to come to court in your state. 

Mr. Baggett flies all over the United States to assist clients in document examining cases. If your case requires Mr. Baggett to travel, ask about the out-of-state discounts now available for first time clients.

Call today for an appointment or press here to submit your order and reserve a priory spot in Mr. Baggett’s queue of cases.

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In a nutshell, if you have a document where
the authenticity is in question… we can help you.

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Helped Client Avoid 15 Years in Prison

“Thanks you soooooo much for going above and beyond. Your testimony was the key the criminal lawsuit against me. The jury found me NOT GUILTY on all counts. They obviously believed you instead of that Police document examiner the D.A. hired."

I was so impressed you handled that District Attorney with such professionalism… he knew you were right, but couldn't make you look bad on the witness stand.
I have my life back. Thank you Mr. Baggett!"

~ Amir Dawood, Attorney
San Bernadino, CA

Attorneys Recommend Bart

“Bart Baggett is the best expert witness I've ever worked with. What's more, he successfully testified for my client via telephone in a live trial here in Alaska. He even “consulted with me" on how best to cross-examine the defense's document examiner. We won the trial and I recommend him whole heartedly.

~ Jim Fry, Attorney
Anchorage, Alaska

Even when Bart isn't in the Room, His Reputation Helps Client Win

“Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Your opinion letter may become enough to prevent a trial."

~ Sandra G. Slater
Phoenix, AZ